“Purity of Water, and More” AQUA Series

vegeAQUA hopes to improve the world’s hygiene and health through 3 AQUA Series products. The literal definition of ‘AQUA’ is ‘Water’ but the word ‘AQUA’ in AQUA Series means that we offer ‘Purity of Water and More’. To prevent harm to human bodies and the environment, vegeAQUA didn’t add any chemical substance to its AQUA Series products.

Origin of vegeAQUA

vegeAQUA is an environment-friendly wash the Chairman of the Board, Kim Myeong-won (former CEO) developed in hopes to contribute to the world with environment-friendly products, after manufacturing and selling chemical products. Chairman Kim made it his goal to develop washes that do not contain chemical substances and never to sell products to his customers which he himself will not use. After years of research and work, he was able to develop a high-tech, patented technology using water.

This technology gave rise to the first anionic, alkaline wash series, AQUA Series containing no chemical substance but offering a strong cleaning ability. AQUA Series products are products that protect the health and safety of 21st century consumers who are exposed to chemical substances and fine dust in their everyday life.

Alkali Anion Water

vegeAQUA, babyAQUA and kitchenAQUA are based on anionic, alkaline water. The one common problem of anionic alkaline water is that it can lose the cleaning ability in a very short time. So, to maintain anionic alkaline water’s environmental property and superb cleaning ability for a long time, vegeAQUA applied a special technology that keeps the temperature of the manufacturing facility as well as the quality of water in isolated standby condition stable By doing so, vegeAQUA was able to prevent anionic alkaline water from deteriorating and maintain the performance and quality of its products.

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